.458 Caliber (.458) 350 Grain Spitzer Plated Bullets

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Our  .458 350 Grain Spitzer Tipped Plated Bullets deliver an excellent balance between quality and value. These bullets begin as lead cores that are swaged to a precise starting weight. These cores then undergo a multi-step heavy copper plating process that deposits an approximately 0.008″ thickness of copper that completely encompasses the lead core. These copper plated bullets are then restruck to exact dimension and visually inspected. Offered in boxes of 50, 100 or 250 bullets.


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.458 Caliber (.458) 350 Grain Plated Bullets

Our 350 Grain .458 Caliber Plated Bullets feature a Spitzer tip / Flat Base design with a cannelure. These bullets begin as lead cores that are swaged to a precise starting weight. These cores then undergo a multi-step heavy copper plating process that deposits approximately 0.008″ of copper. This copper plating completely encompasses the lead core. These plated bullets are then restruck to exact dimensions and visually inspected. This process delivers consistent .458 caliber plated bullets batch after batch ensuring your shots are right on target every time. These plated bullets offer a great balance between quality and value allowing you to shoot the same bullet during practice that you would during a match without blowing your budget.

The typical plating thickness of plated bullets on the market today is 0.003-0.006 inches. The heavy plating of our bullets, 0.008 inches, is a distinct advantage over others. This thicker total copper jacket allows you to achieve FMJ velocities without the cost. You may also see these bullets referred to as  Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) or Complete Metal Jacket (CMJ) bullets.

Not only are plated bullets less expensive than traditional FMJ pistol bullets, but they are also cleaner and safer to shoot. Why? The plating fully encapsulates the lead. With FMJs the base of the bullet contains exposed lead that will vaporize when the round is fired. This is eliminated with plated bullets.

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We recommend using comparable bullet loading data from a reliable source as a starting point. Increase your powder load incrementally until you achieve your desired power and accuracy.

This is not loaded ammunition.


Caliber .458
Sizing .458
Weight 350 Grains
Length 1.017″
Bullet Design Spitzer / Flat Base w/ Cannelure
Sectional Density: .238

This product contains Lead. Exposure to lead can be harmful to your health and is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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50 Bullets, 100 Bullets, 250 Bullets

7 reviews for .458 Caliber (.458) 350 Grain Spitzer Plated Bullets

  1. Don W (verified owner)

    The bullets are the best quality and best price on the market today. I will always use Evergreen Ballistics for my reloading needs.

  2. Scott Cilley (verified owner)

    Shoot good and load good. Great price, fast shipping. Will use again.

  3. casey nolte (verified owner)

    I have not loaded any of these yet but they look like a quality bullet, I plan to order some of the 500gn projo’s soon.

  4. Joshua kaack (verified owner)

    Nice projectile, all seem uniform in weight thanks

  5. Off Hand Sam (verified owner)

    Just finished firing 10 out of 458 lott. The pointed tip allows for flawless feeding. Look great. Shoot great at 1,000 and 1,850FPS. I enjoy loading down as I also shot 10 500s gr. at 1,ooo and 1,700 FPS. They said to keep below 2,000 and that I was glad to do. Very accurate. I shot all off hand. I enjoy and they are inexpensive. Next purchase it is 100 350s, and 250 357 bullets. Berrys bullets require much slower speeds. 1250 FPS or they come apart, the heavy jacket on these makes all the difference.

  6. Robert Self (verified owner)

    I have been working up some loads. The projectile feeds very well and has a nice expansion. I would Purchase them again and would recommend them to my friends.

  7. kg4eiq (verified owner)

    Very nice plated bullet, I am running these in a 458 Socom and they seem to be holding up well. That is until they smack a steel plate, and I mean SMACK!

    They load easily and are fairly consistent as far as weight is concerned. I’m finding no more than 7/10 of a grain variation in weight which hasn’t caused any variation in velocity or point of impact.

    Overall I’m pleased with my purchase of these bullets and the performance I’m getting out of them. I would recommend these to people who want a lower-cost alternative to traditional jacketed bullets for plinking and target shooting.

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